Friday, December 24, 2010

I'm wishing you...

...a beautiful christmas with your family or partner or pet(s) or all together. Don't think of christmas as just food and presents... take the chance to open your heart, celebrate with the ones you love and enjoy the few days you're spending (maybe) with people you've long not seen.
I wish you no argue, no disappointment and no pressure the following days, I wish you much good food, many good conversations and a lots of love.

Merry Christmas!

Wednesday, December 22, 2010


Nämberch Fränglisch:
1. Shower mall hair - doe left a eagle.
Schau mal her, da läuft ein Igel.

2. In day show dammer my face way.
In den Schuhen tun mir meine Füße weh.

3. Sea, bringer's a mal dry sidely beer.
Sie bringen Sie mir mal drei Seidla Bier.

4. Broader, is day blowed washed fed. God sigh dunk hammer fill sower crowd.
Bruder, ist die Blutwurst fett, Gott sei Dank haben wir viel Sauerkraut.

5. Day wise washed is fie diar.
Die Weißwurst ist fei teuer.

6. Mere hum blows crowd wiggle hide.
Wir haben nur Krautwickel heute.

7. Is shift - shanner hair doe lefty bray.
Es schifft, schau nur her, da läuft die Brühe.

8. Hie is a hits - doe most shower dust net I gazed.
Heute ist eine Hitze - da musst du sehen, dass du nicht eingehst.

9. Gainer heir, no hower deny dusty spiced.
Geh nur her, da hau ich dich rein, dass du dich übergibst.

10. In mine show main shines a bore braisle sigh.
In meinem Schuh sind scheinbar ein paar Brösel.

11. Low me in row, drumple.
Lass mich in Ruhe, Trampel.

12. Hide Kennedy a mall Ford gay.
Heute könnte ich mal fortgehen.

13. Adds since queeze nash won delight?
Jetzt sind die Leute gewiss närrisch geworden.

14. Up'n People reader dry egg war's fry.
Ab dem Biebelrieder Dreieck war's frei.

Thursday, December 16, 2010

Kritik... der beste Weg zur Besserung. Also, seid mutig genug und schreibt mir. Ich weiß dass ich mich manchmal aufführ wie ein Vollpfosten und würds grade zum neuen Jahr gern ändern - nur weiß ich gar nich wo ich anfangen soll, weil mit mir ja keiner über mich lästert! Also, lasst euren Frust über mich bei mir ab! Bald gibts dann einen neuen Post mit meinen guten Vorsätzen für 2011!

PS: in dem Kommentarfeld da unten kann man anonym bleiben, für die, die sich nicht trauen ;|)

Friday, November 26, 2010

one week in hell

I'm dead. Or how would you call it otherwise when you've lost your health, your friends and your appetite? You're asking why? Part of my apprenticeship isn't the vocational school. I've got courses in a kind of boarding school (we call it BIZ). And that SUCKZ. Here the listing:
1) no own rooms, just double! (means you can't even fart and feel the whole week like a balloon)
2) my roommate is an 19 year old blonde drama queen who LOVES to talk
3) she's got the flu with heavy cough => sleeping the whole night = impossible (from wednesday to thursday i got 3 hours of sleep)
4) the meals in the BIZ are free... and they're exactly tasting like that
5) although the food is bad, you're eating the whole day cause it's that boring
6) when you wanna go to bed you're a) full with food, b) but the food wasn't good = you're feeling queasy, c) it takes HOURS to finally fall asleep
Now I'm sitting here with a stomach that feels as if it would eat itself. YUMMY! All the others from work are now on the yearly christmas-celebration... everbody... except me, cause my stomach wants to eat me. HATE!!! Since March this year my health is like this... I've to avoid every little mental pressure, otherwise my body will take revenge with nausea and stomach ache. I can't even visit friends anymore! And the pressure will not get less! It's getting more and more, my final exams in may coming closer and closer - but that means still half a year of pain. Except any doctor would finally find out where my health-problems come from... I wish for it so hard... . I want my old life back!
the BIZ on Friday

the BIZ on Monday

Sunday, November 21, 2010

Congratulation, I hate you!

Wow. Just WOW. You can't imagine what happend the last hours. I'm trying to list it for you:
1) my (now former) best friend talked rubbish about me everywhere
2) so I said to her: It's over, go searching 4 a new best friend, I'm out!
3) BIIIG anger came over me, so I did a few things to show my ex-best-friend that I don't want any contact to her anymore: I quit all RPGs with her, I throwed her from my friends-list and put her on the blacklist... but the anger is now, ca. 12 hours later still there... fuck.
It was a relief yesterday, that she won't come to Mesuts New-Year-Drinking-Bout - hell yeah! But "anger, part 2" followed soon with THIS comment: 
"I'm wishing you much fun when you die Rei we'll meet somewhere in the conflict with yourself... . I hope that you - with your "I'm so vain and do not need help because I am so great ..." - really fall on your face. Usually I do not wish people sth like that, but i wish YOU'll fall in a REALLY deep hole, like it happened to me and some others... would be the best if you loose a person you're very close too... and not getting insane in your small hole - that's how others see this. Enjoy and have fun in your "I am so great" world... and stop doing things just because you think that everything revolves around you... because the world turns  not only round the small Reita of the neighboring village... you've hurt enough people with your character, coming crawling back the next day as if nothing happened..." 
Wou wou woooou - what've done to this girl?! 
First: what's wrong with her whishing that one beloved person from me dies?!!!
Second: she should know that no hole is deep enough 4 me... holes are a part of life and i early managed to get alone clear with them.
Third: I NEVER said that I'm THAT great. And I don't think this of me. I'm a guy like all of you guys outside, I'm sometimes sick, I'm sometimes drunk, I'm sad and all this shit that happens in life - but I'm NOT special. And i KNOW this.
Fourth: I NEVER came crawling back. I came back, yes, but not crawling. I came back as a normal person who's noticed that something went wrong.
Fifth: I only hurt one person in my life - and that was my ex-best-friend - and you DESERVED EVERY FUCKING TIME!!!

this Song is for you!

Saturday, November 20, 2010

that's it - the new one!

All people do it - blogging. So now my time has come! Before I'll go 4 a smoke I'm writing now my FIRST post! Oh wooow! Look and stare! Isn't it great?
I admit... I HAD a few problems with the setting of the blog... but now everything is approximately how I wanted it. Pictures are following, stay tuned! I'm very curious how it'll look in the end!

Greets and a loooooot of hugs to you,
your Macho-Parrot