Sunday, November 21, 2010

Congratulation, I hate you!

Wow. Just WOW. You can't imagine what happend the last hours. I'm trying to list it for you:
1) my (now former) best friend talked rubbish about me everywhere
2) so I said to her: It's over, go searching 4 a new best friend, I'm out!
3) BIIIG anger came over me, so I did a few things to show my ex-best-friend that I don't want any contact to her anymore: I quit all RPGs with her, I throwed her from my friends-list and put her on the blacklist... but the anger is now, ca. 12 hours later still there... fuck.
It was a relief yesterday, that she won't come to Mesuts New-Year-Drinking-Bout - hell yeah! But "anger, part 2" followed soon with THIS comment: 
"I'm wishing you much fun when you die Rei we'll meet somewhere in the conflict with yourself... . I hope that you - with your "I'm so vain and do not need help because I am so great ..." - really fall on your face. Usually I do not wish people sth like that, but i wish YOU'll fall in a REALLY deep hole, like it happened to me and some others... would be the best if you loose a person you're very close too... and not getting insane in your small hole - that's how others see this. Enjoy and have fun in your "I am so great" world... and stop doing things just because you think that everything revolves around you... because the world turns  not only round the small Reita of the neighboring village... you've hurt enough people with your character, coming crawling back the next day as if nothing happened..." 
Wou wou woooou - what've done to this girl?! 
First: what's wrong with her whishing that one beloved person from me dies?!!!
Second: she should know that no hole is deep enough 4 me... holes are a part of life and i early managed to get alone clear with them.
Third: I NEVER said that I'm THAT great. And I don't think this of me. I'm a guy like all of you guys outside, I'm sometimes sick, I'm sometimes drunk, I'm sad and all this shit that happens in life - but I'm NOT special. And i KNOW this.
Fourth: I NEVER came crawling back. I came back, yes, but not crawling. I came back as a normal person who's noticed that something went wrong.
Fifth: I only hurt one person in my life - and that was my ex-best-friend - and you DESERVED EVERY FUCKING TIME!!!

this Song is for you!

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