Friday, November 26, 2010

one week in hell

I'm dead. Or how would you call it otherwise when you've lost your health, your friends and your appetite? You're asking why? Part of my apprenticeship isn't the vocational school. I've got courses in a kind of boarding school (we call it BIZ). And that SUCKZ. Here the listing:
1) no own rooms, just double! (means you can't even fart and feel the whole week like a balloon)
2) my roommate is an 19 year old blonde drama queen who LOVES to talk
3) she's got the flu with heavy cough => sleeping the whole night = impossible (from wednesday to thursday i got 3 hours of sleep)
4) the meals in the BIZ are free... and they're exactly tasting like that
5) although the food is bad, you're eating the whole day cause it's that boring
6) when you wanna go to bed you're a) full with food, b) but the food wasn't good = you're feeling queasy, c) it takes HOURS to finally fall asleep
Now I'm sitting here with a stomach that feels as if it would eat itself. YUMMY! All the others from work are now on the yearly christmas-celebration... everbody... except me, cause my stomach wants to eat me. HATE!!! Since March this year my health is like this... I've to avoid every little mental pressure, otherwise my body will take revenge with nausea and stomach ache. I can't even visit friends anymore! And the pressure will not get less! It's getting more and more, my final exams in may coming closer and closer - but that means still half a year of pain. Except any doctor would finally find out where my health-problems come from... I wish for it so hard... . I want my old life back!
the BIZ on Friday

the BIZ on Monday

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