Friday, December 24, 2010

I'm wishing you...

...a beautiful christmas with your family or partner or pet(s) or all together. Don't think of christmas as just food and presents... take the chance to open your heart, celebrate with the ones you love and enjoy the few days you're spending (maybe) with people you've long not seen.
I wish you no argue, no disappointment and no pressure the following days, I wish you much good food, many good conversations and a lots of love.

Merry Christmas!


  1. Thanks so lot, Reita and i wish you the same.
    Well, christmas is not an event for food and presents. This year i have no presents for my fam or my friend, 'cause it's more important for me, to know they are by my side. And to see them, too.
    Enjoy the time with youre mother and forget the old shit.


  2. Danke für die schönen Weihnachstwünsche~
    Man sollte den wahren Sinn von Weihnachten sicherlich nie aus den Augen verlieren.

    Dir auch ein frohes Fest.


  3. Hey my dear noseless. Thank you so much for sending me those greetings :D I'm damn happy about them and surely, I do wish you the same! Celeb your christmas with your family, and even if its not the most important stuff, enjoy the food and be happy about every single lil gift you're getting by anyone! And, therefore, if we don't see each other before new year anymore, have a good and happy new years eve with your honey, kyo, and all the others I dun know. I wish you the best! <3 Yours, _Reita

  4. Hey my Dearest~

    It's so important to understand what "christmas" really means. Love and Friendships are the greatest gifts we can get. We should be proud this days, proud of the people from whoch we know that they are always by our side.

    Merry Christmas to you <3

  5. merry chtistmas for u too <33
    hope u spend ur lifetime too with dears and lovely friends...
    thank for wishes and don't drink so much >D


  6. Merry Christmas to you, too.


  7. Hi ^^ Du kennst mich zwar nich... aber ich bin auch Reita XD Drum lass ich einfach ma grüße da und wünsch noch schöne ferien un ein gute neues Jahr un so~

    greetings Reita