Sunday, February 27, 2011


I'm not your property. I do love you, yes. But love doesn't mean that you can do with me what you want. I did what you want, I became the best partner everybody wishes for. But now it's your turn. To keep, or not to keep - this is here the question. I'm not feeling/reading/hearing anymore that you love me... great partnership, un?

I decided to embrace my old self again. The cold, loveless asshole just drinking and smoking the whole week, seldomly in the internet, boozing my thoughts away. I do love you. But there's nothing else I can do except staying myself and protecting me with this from you. Cause love is your most cruel weappon. Was. My cold old self includes a shield for stuff like that and a cage for my heart.

Is it that difficult to be simply loved like an adult? It seems that the answer is yes.

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