Friday, January 20, 2012

I'm moving!

I barely still can't believe it but - I'm moving. From tomorrow on I'll have my first own apartment!

Most of the time moving is fun. Sure - there are undeniable a few moments when I think "Mmh... it's so much work, I want to be lazy, mmmh, do not want to, I've spent already so many money, etc.". - anyway I'm looking really forward to tomorrow - the first day in my apartment. Most of all I'm looking forward to the first bath in MY bathtub *g* finally - FREEDOM!

Yeah - I've strayed from the topic. Actually I wanted to tell you that it COULD be that I'm now a few days not online (too much moving-stress, not-working-Internet, etc. - I don't want to know what COULD happen...). I hope you'll have nevertheless a great time (but don't party without me ò___ó), we'll see/write us soon!

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