Monday, February 27, 2012

Scorpio (warning, bad english!)

Do you know the feeling, when everything you thought to know is... maybe wrong? Do you know the feeling when facts (or things, you tought they are) turn out to be... not like you thought they are? Yeah... I'm confused. She's a scorpio. Zodiac sign scorpio. Like X. I don't know what I should think. Or what I should do. On the one hand the relationship with a scorpio-woman was... almost perfect. But on the other hand I'm afraid to be hurt that heavy again just because of the character-fails of a scorpio-woman... gnaaarrrgh, I'm really... double-minded!
I don't want all to be like "you're that perfect, I love you so, marry me, lets buy a dog, bla bla" and than getting shot again. Because I think... I start REALLY liking her... fuck! I DON'T WANT!!! I've learned to be EXTREMELY careful whit scorpios. They can hit you that fast that bad that all which is left in your heart is hate. I don't want this again. I wouldn't survive it this time.


  1. Zodiacs 're bullshit.
    Some of the 'typical' properties from any zodiac fits to every human. So don't believe in that, make ur own experience with every human in ur life & ignor the zodiacs - otherwise u 're subconsciously influenced and u didn't be neutral to her.

  2. Thx Anonym commentator, you're absolutely right! Sometimes it fits, but often it don't - it's the same shit like for example stop smoking under the influence of hypnosis... if you believe it, it works. If not... you stay smoker X|D

  3. Y are u posting something like this, if u know, that is trash? |D
    It doesn't make any sense..