Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Warning: Bad English! Or: the everlasting fight with starting...

The everlasting fight in myself. The everlasting fight - to start... or not to start. I'm talking about sewing my Cosplay. Only six weeks left for finishing HYENA.

Three (!!!) collars... leather-collars... may I kill myself? Please? No? Fuck... I WOULD start with that shit... BUT after work I'm always that lazy and tired. I've got no nerves then sitting on my sewing machine putting stupid pieces of leather together which I'll wear just one time. BUT... I've already made my Cosplay-sketch. Sewing a Cosplay always starts with that. I just draw the whole shit more or less professionally on a simple piece of paper. It's important for me to look, which material has been used, how many rivets/eyelets are stuck in the costume, how the length of the single parts is, etc.. This is the base for my shopping-tour through the textile-shops of my city (or alternative the internet). And this will be made soon. At the latest on the weekend. And I noticed that I've gotten too fat for the trousers I actually wanted to transform in Hyena-trousers... life is such a bitch!

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