Friday, March 2, 2012

I just wanted to say...

...that I'm absolutely happy. Since January my life gets better and better. The dark clouds of the year 2011 disappeared.
Having no contact with X really is good for me. I'm not thinking anymore of the bad sides in life. I'm just watching everything with a positive basic-mood. For example: I had stomach-ache on monday - no problem, watching germanys next topmodel and drinking gallons of tea was fun too. Since three days we've got no sunshine anymore - no problem, I like it when rain sings me to sleep (it's such a calm feeling *_*). The brakes of my car were out of order - no Problem, I've let my car check completely and now I feel again safe in my car.
I've got such an awesome job with awesome colleagues. I've got such a fantastic appartement (at the moment a bit messy but... it don't disturbs me, so why clean up?). I've got adorable friends, a caring family, I'm healthy, I've got no money-problems... my life is good.
I feel good. Really good!

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