Wednesday, April 11, 2012


Do you know the feeling when... you think you could have the world? Do you know the feeling when you... often tried so hard... that hard... that now you... somehow got no power left for grabbing the world?
If you feel like this... you feel like me. I got that many chances at the moment - in ma job and in love... but I just don't use them. Why? First... no, the ONLY thing is: I'm afraid. My life is okay like it is now. It's not perfect. But I don't have to suffer. And... when I try to grab the chances... I'm afraid to... suffer again.

For the world you are somebody.
But for somebody... you are the world.

Where is MY somebody?

I'm happy now sometimes. But I could ALWAYS be happy. Forever. Where's the somebody... for whom I don't need all my energy? Where's the chance, which I can just grab without fearing consequences?

Or... is it all... right now right in front of me... and I don't see? If it is like that... please tell. I became blind.

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