Sunday, August 12, 2012

The Invisible Wall - Reita-Cosplay

Yesterday I started analizing Invisible Wall, which will be made on Saturday at Connichi. And I noticed... it's quite much to do in this short time so I'm not sure if Vortex will be made on Sunday. Negative point II on Vortex is, that I would have to colour ma hair over night... I don't know if I want this.

But back to Invisible Wall, here's what I found out! You're welcome to use it for your cosplays too, it's punctilious researched. Btw: the belt Reita wears in this shoot is his favourite belt, he wears it in every second shoot.

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

New Cosplay('s)

Hey guys, in 5 weeks will be Connichi (=Event where Cosplayers meet in Kassel) - and I just wanted to show you what I've planned!

Saturday I play with the idea of cosplaying Vortex:
I dunno where I should get shoes like this from. In ebay it's always to expensive or not ma size. Except that I would have the jacket already in ma wardrobe (I've bought it in foresight *g*) - that's a pro-point for cosplaying it *ggg*.

Sunday I'll cosplay most likely The Invisible Wall:
Only Problem is just: I'm THAT lazy atm. I haven't even edited the pictures from the last event where I made Arena 37°C Vol. 50:

I really need somehow to steal strength somewhere to finally start ma Cosplays. Otherwise I'll have a LOT of stress again the weekend before Connichi (I think every Cosplayer knows this special kind of stress X|D). And it's somehow... atm a bit... strange... I dunno how to write it. There's a little dark cloud hangin over the Connichi. I hope it'll disappear.

Sunday, August 5, 2012

new beginning

Cause it was requested from that many, I'll start writing blog again.

I'll ONLY write about happy things and post more about Cosplay and the genesis of Cosplay.

Okay well... letz start!

From 2. - 5.8.12 Ruki was with me.

Thursday: picking her up at 21:31 from the train station, then a loooot of talking, LARPing, watching the thunder and then going very late in bed. We kissed and it... was just wonderful. Her lips are made for mine.

Friday: sightseeing in ma town, eating sushi, a bit of shopping, drinking bubble tea, smoking Shisha, colouring ma hair (it's now a light honey-blonde), go for a walk, LARPing, eating tomatoe-mozarrella, hugging and cuddling

Saturday: went to Bulmare for swimming (even ma sweet lil bucket got tanned *proud*), cooking, LARPing, bying gladiolus from the field,
choose Cosplay for next year Connichi (we'll visit the Con together and we'll cosplay together, she's ma Ruki <3), bathing together with a vanilla-bathing-bomb, sleeping (I was SO tired X__x)

Sunday: bum around the whole day, kissing, cuddling, hugging, cooking Pizza

that's what we drank

Ruki with stylish Bavaria-Hat


Penis watering can

Ruki shortly b4 leaving for train station
I drove her a few minutes ago to the train station. It's again thundering here and... I just miss her. Ma appartement is not the same without her. I miss her sparkling eyes when she looks at me, I miss her straight but naturally curly hair, I miss her little kisses everywhere, I miss joking around with her, I miss holding her in ma arms, I miss pushing her body close onto mine, I miss carrying her through ma whole appartement, I miss beeing watched by her by doing ma make up and... I just miss everything.

I'm not expecting much anymore from a relationship. But for this moment I am just happy. For this moment I just feel as if there's finally the ultimate end of loneliness.

I'm sorry for sometimes have to seem cold. For the inability to say "I love you" too.

It's just... I'm that afraid. I don't think anymore of old times but... they've left deep scars remembering of the pain. Because of that ma heart is asking the head:

"What do you think? Is it okay to... warm up again without being destroyed?"