Sunday, March 10, 2013

Cosplay-Status and Facebook - how annoying.

Oh god. Please.

I've sewed the whole weekend (and will continue cause I'm writing this just on Sunday morning). I'm so done X___x. BUT - it'll be great! Just little things like buttons, buttonholes or stuff are still missing. But still... I don't believe this Cosplay will suit me very good. Hakamas supersize me, you, the whole world - everyone X|D. In addition I've to tint my hair cause my hair has gotten too bright since the last time - I look very forward cause I LOVE to do sth new with my hair. Can't stand it when its more than 6 months the same color/length/cut.

And somehow I'm annoyed. Of everything. That Gazette still doesn't tweet in English and every tweet of them is just... useless (except it its with a picture, but even this is useless cause I can't get the Black-Moral-Merch). FUCK YOU?!

I'm annoyed of Facebook. In my Facebook you can just find 4 types of postings:
1) >>Mimimimi I feel so bad mimimimi everyone hates me, I wanna die, mimimi nobody likes me I look like shit<<
(and then when you friendly ask: "Whats wrong Babe, do you want to talk about it?" there's just as a answer a "oh no..." GIWOJRGOIWJGIOWRJGIOWJIORGJWOIRJGIOWR. RAGE.)
2) >>Ai se Desperados Bonita buenas dias che Guevara me gusta<<. Uhm. Thanks. I don't speak spanish or portugues or stuff and... WHY DID YOU ADD ME WHEN I DON'T EVEN UNDERSTAND YOUR POSTINGS?!!!
3) >>FamousBitchTakeru: Oh hi Fans, I'm so so so soo sorry for not having posted so long I had the flu and thank you so so soooo much for your wishes in twitter they made me healthy again. I will do now every hour a shooting for you and put it in facebook you mean so much to me love you all please blow me even more sugar in my ass<<
That's my face by reading stuff like this: DDDD: - WHERE THE FUCK IS YOUR PRIDE?!!! Or your life or... friends or... WTF?!!!
4) >>Sitting on the toilet. Toilet paper is empty.<<
>> I want to write a song.<<
>> My panties today are with pink stripes.<<
srsly - WHO CARES?!!! Should I tweet now: "Have lost a hair. It's laying in the bathroom on the floor. RIP hair." Goooood... *headdesk*

And then - in Facebook - there are just 8 types of persons:
1) the people I like which seldomly post sth.
2) the people annoying me spamming my whole wall.
3) the people I don't even know which have added me but still haven't not even said "Hi" to me in the chat (those ppl will be deleted then very soon)
4) the camwhores posting every hour a foto of themselves but don't even look good.
5) the "I-want-to-show-how-popular-I'm-and-tag-in-every-post-a-person-and-write-a-insider-just-me-and-this-person-laughs-about"
6) the people just write depressing/negative stuff
7) the people never writing something but share TRILLIONS of useless pictures.
8) the people you don't even know which have never posted any photo of them and just talk about Anime/Manga.

And whit that words - I will now continue sewing! Have a good Sunday and stay tuned even when I'm sometimes a bit mean ;|) (but I bet you're thinking the same X|P).

look at this Duckface X|DDD

Monday, March 4, 2013

Long time no see!

Well I'm sorry for not having posted here for so long - I was very busy. I do now in addition a new job in work which is quite stressful - but fun!

And - Cosplay-Preparations for Leipzig Bookfair have started! Only the second time in my life I won't cosplay Reita. I will cosplay Saga:
Arena 37°C Volume 293 - Alice Nine Hakama Shoot
I have a Hiroto (my girlfriend) and a Tora (Kaichen) too and I look so fucking forward to cosplay with them! I'm - so to say - the chef so... I have all of the responsibility. So I sewed and organized the Cosplay for my two colleagues which was so much work X___x... at this weekend I have to sew my own (just Hakama, Obi and the white plush-plush). I just hope... he will fit me as good as Reita. I made a try-out already - what do you think?
Saga Try-Out

Furthermore I've managed to finally edit VERY old Fotos which was laying heavy in my laptop like forgotten corpses. Here there are a few:
Reita-Cosplay - PSC-Carnival
random Reita-Shooting
tried sth new

Okay... that was it! Feel updated now X|DDD. Stay tuned!