Monday, March 4, 2013

Long time no see!

Well I'm sorry for not having posted here for so long - I was very busy. I do now in addition a new job in work which is quite stressful - but fun!

And - Cosplay-Preparations for Leipzig Bookfair have started! Only the second time in my life I won't cosplay Reita. I will cosplay Saga:
Arena 37°C Volume 293 - Alice Nine Hakama Shoot
I have a Hiroto (my girlfriend) and a Tora (Kaichen) too and I look so fucking forward to cosplay with them! I'm - so to say - the chef so... I have all of the responsibility. So I sewed and organized the Cosplay for my two colleagues which was so much work X___x... at this weekend I have to sew my own (just Hakama, Obi and the white plush-plush). I just hope... he will fit me as good as Reita. I made a try-out already - what do you think?
Saga Try-Out

Furthermore I've managed to finally edit VERY old Fotos which was laying heavy in my laptop like forgotten corpses. Here there are a few:
Reita-Cosplay - PSC-Carnival
random Reita-Shooting
tried sth new

Okay... that was it! Feel updated now X|DDD. Stay tuned!

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