Friday, November 8, 2013

I'm still alive but Reita has died

A few persons asked me if I'm dead or if I have stopped blogging.The answer: NO. I'm very alive and I don't want to stop blogging X|D.


It happened SO SO SO SOOOO much, I had barely time for myself.

A short update:
- I'm in a very happy, but stressfull (because of distance) relationship since 03.08.12
- I've got a new job since 01.08.13 which started very... stupid (not my fault). I've to work every day 10 hours to manage everything. Meanwhile everything's fine and gets better every day!
- I've had massive stomach problems (lost immidiately 10 kg) so I had to visit a lot of doctors very often - it's not over yet, but I've learned to be stronger than my stomach
- my best friend Ryu and I haven't met for a long long time and barely talk to each other. She likes now Marvel, to what I have not the tiniest dot of relationship to
- the friendship to Aki and Ruka broke, Momo and I are talking seldomly and still like and respect each other like in the good old days
- I've started to use my tumblr-account now very active!
- I like now Indie-bands, especially Royz
- I like now Gyaru/Gyaruo
- my hair is red now
- I've seen the Gazette live in Munich and - wjeiogwjiogjwrio!!! AWESOME!!!

I've grown in this time - my personality, my character. And this has caused a lot of changes, which are:
- there will be not that much blog-entries from now on with more than a few words. I don't need it anymore and to be honest... I'm to lazy for typing X|D
- there will be a looooot more pictures uploaded!
- I won't visit Conventions anymore
- ergo: I stop cosplaying.

The last two things are a final decision. Maybe I'll visit a Con spontaneously, maybe I'll do private a few Cosplays - I don't know. But I don't want to:

- spend a lot of money/energy/stress on a costume nobody recognizes anymore cause J-Rock is dead
- spend a lot of money for travelling/staying on a Convention where I don't know the people and just have boredom. My friends are mainly not anymore into J-Rock/Cosplay. In addition the last years the weather was really cold/rainy.
- never be able to have my hair the way I actually want it. I'm sick of blonde.

But in memory on the good old times:

Reita-Cosplay - Arena 37c 03_10

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