Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Luck in love - bad luck with my car?

God. This day.

I woke up early, drove to work and after I parked my car there was this almost unhearable "ffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffft". I thought "that'll sure be the construction site near your work-building!" and left my car. I thought "when it's my car I'll notice in the evening when I want to drive home."

Then - work. First: Mr. so-handsome-consulting-doctor! If I wouldn't have my gf I would fall for him. He's born on my birthday and gosh - those hands. I like long fingers and masculine hands very much on men. We had 30 Minutes of wonderful medical chat about 3 psychological ill sick-pay-receivers.

But THEN! Total state of emergency - customers and a loooot more customers so that I could take my lunch-break only very late.

Then my team-leader and my next higher chief wanted to see ALL of my work. I work as a sick-pay-manager and atm there are 51 ppl ill, so it was a loooong time till my chiefs saw all the documents from them all. But - surprisingly - in the end my team-leader smiled very happy and said "Well - hasn't she so much improved in this short time?" and my sick-pay-chief smiled too and nod. That made me very glad.

I worked then till 06:30 p.m., walked out, got into my car, started the motor, drove a few meters and stopped. It speeded up VERY slowly. I walked around my car and my suspicion was confirmed:
So I stood there in my high-heels on a EMPTY, DARK parking place. I know how to change wheels. So I opened my luggage space and took everything I need - emergency wheel, wheel-changing-tools, jack. And then it started: I had NO FUCKING PLAN how my emergency-jack works. So I had to call my grandpa to explain.

I'm home now, I've belly ache + aching, cold feet of doom and I just want to slay down every construction worker in this FUCKING GODDAMN construction site.

I had no free time/time for me/time on my own this day, I'm tired and my nerves are that much on their end that I just want to cry but like always can't.

FUCK THIS DAY. JUST FUCK IT. BURN IT IN THE DEPTHS OF HELL! And the construction workers with it!

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