Saturday, February 8, 2014

A wonderful day in february

Today I visited my best friend Jenny and we hat a loooot of fun together! This was my outfit:
It was that warm I was able to wear my leather-jacket ♥. Oh and this was my styling:
Played around with #gyaruo-kei a bit X|D. We went first to an amazing shop in Munich which is called "Item Shop" and HOLY GOD THERE WERE SO MANY THINGS I COULD BUY IN IT!!! THOUSANDS of merchandise from #LordOfTheTings and #GameOfThrones, #Zelda, #MarvelComics, #AssassinsCreed, #HarryPotter, #StarWars and SO MUCH more! My heart jumped because of happyness and I wasn't able to stop staring at this wonderful things and running with a dumb smile around and I was confused cause I wanted to buy it ALL! I'm afraid I'm a Geek X|D. I couldn't help and bought this SUPERAWESOME cushion in shape of a shield with the wappon of the Stark-family - it'll be placed in my medieval dining-room and will be just... AWESOME ohgodIcan'tbelieveIspentsomuchmoneyforacushion! X|D
After I unbinding myself from the shop (in fact: I should have bought the Lanister-cushion too Q__Q) we were hungry and went to a restaurant called "Kr@ftwerk". There were SO MUCH gay guys in it, it was an amazing joy! I had a Texas Burger which was very BIG and superyummy! We talked a lot in there and I'm glad Jenny and I still get along that well and have the same opinions though we've both changed (especially me) over the last two years. We're not that "Anime-kids" running on conventions anymore. We're now adults but in the head still not grown up - that's why I love to spent time with her and I want to do that from now on again more often! I've missed her very strong and I'm still superhappy about this wonderful day ♥.

At home I noticed that my ordered stuff arrived and so I made a photo for you to see what I've got today:
The awesome cushion and the 3 extended versions from Lord of the Rings!
The cushion from behind and the ring and bracelet Jenny made for me - I love them! ♥
I had desire to style myself new (#gyaruo / #visualkei) and make two other stylings out of my actual. Here they are:
Styling one with a braided bang
close-up of the braiding
styling from the side
Styling two with hidden side-bang
Well that was my day and I'm still very glad and happy. Hope you like my styles/work, stay tuned!