Saturday, March 1, 2014

Xtreme Shopping!

So today I was finally shopping again after a really long time. When I'm with my girl I'm always not that able to shop the way I want cause what I like she regards as ugly (so I'm hanging it back) and when I finally found a store where I could buy EVERYTHING she's already tired of shopping. So today I went from 13:30 to 18 o'clock EXTREME SHOPPING! Alone and just on my own and relaxed and stuff - sooooooo great, I missed it SO hard! Going in EVERY shop and searching them through, from front to back, EVERY single clothing-piece, all relaxed and without stress or having to look after someone. I needed it, somehow as "reward" for my hard work and savings over the last months. So this is what I've bought:
new slippers for at home - 4,95€
new High Heels for work - 12,45€
new boots for #Gyaruo-Styling - 11€
new boots for Gyaruo, they'll be pimped - 11,98€
glasses - 9,95€
new blazer for work - 29,95€
soft trousers to bum around at home - 4,95€
trousers for work and esp. for the #Prom of my girl - 22,95€
trousers for work and maybe for Prom - 29,95€
So I was really successfull - 9 pieces for just 138,13€! But not just that makes me happy, also the fact that I've lost so much weight that I've got now 3 sizes down than before. I'm not a fatty anymore, fuck yes! X|D
Oh and I found this picture on my smartphone, it's from the #Derniere of the play my girlfriend acted in which I visited two weeks ago:
Actually this all is not of interest at all but maybe you regard it as good enough to take your boredom away ;|). Have a nice weekend!

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