Sunday, February 1, 2015

International Gyaru Lovers Wintermeet 2015

My meet started together with Kyo in a train full of soccer-fans from the FC Bayern Munich always asking us if we want to drink beer with them. Nevertheless it was a relaxing journey to #Frankfurt where we arrived at around 11 am.
After scouting out the best way to the location for saturday we went eating Sushi at #SushiEdo which was really delicious. Then short check in at our hotel next to a junkie-shelter, changing into #gyaru/o clothing and meeting the first heap of already arrived #Gal's. 
After fiddling out how Frankfurts public transport system works (and having a lot of trouble with that), we finally arrived in the shopping area. We managed it to survive everything although we had already completely painful feet (Kyo needed back at the hotel the first plaster) and the permanent begging for money/cigs of Frankfurts #Hobo's. The Pre-Meet continued with the complicated way to #Hooters and we all were glad to sit later. I sat on a table together with the spanish girls (SCHMETTERLING!!! XD), the french/suisse ppl, Jojo, the japanese and the english beautys and it was so much fun! The stabbed burgers seemed to taste, the atmosphere has been relaxed and my rusty english slowly became more fluently again (I hadn't the chance to speak it since 2008 >///<).
copyright owned by Alba Vera Scandic, the uglyness in grey is me
We have been about 40 ppl and sat together very long, switching places, going to smoke outside, talking to each other. For me this was one of the best days. I've been a newbie but felt totally welcome, everyone was so nice and kind and sweet and I enjoyed it a lot being part of this wonderful community.

Of course the morning of the main-day started with a lot of stomach-ache (isn't it always like this? XD). I'm not able to say if it was the jack-cola, the 2 packs of cigs, the stress or sth I've eaten - I just felt horrible sick. But I had to stay strong and help Kyo wherever I could, so I swallowed a bunch of pills and got ready for meeting the helpers at main-station. Kyo's Dad David was already there and I'm really glad that he've found time to come and be our photographer, I'm looking forward to see the first pictures! We headed to the #Romanfabrik, our location and started to get everything ready. Then the full bunch of GyaruLoversWintermeet-attenders came and I was impressed - SO MANY PPL!
before the others came, I had time to take a selfie with the naked headless Indian on the balcony
copyright owned by Inaia Papaya, are you able to find me? Tip: I'm next to Kyo.
the hall from above after everyone took a seat - a bit crowded
copyright owned by Alba Vera Scandic, the Gal-introduction of the Bavarians
our photographer: nominated for the GyaruLoversAward for "best hair" and "best Hime-Gyaru" XD
The programme started, well guided from Kyo and Kitai. Unfortunately I had too much to do so I couldn't watch everything and just had short glances at the cuteness on stage but that's okay - I finished right when my girl performed her #Parapara. We had also an GyaruLoversAward (just for fun) and since I was counting the voices I've seen that many of you nominated me for the gyaruo-category - thanks a lot for that, it really makes me happy (\^O^/)

After the main-event + cleaning was done we went back to main station. Salla (such a beatiful name!) and Kati has been in our tram and omfg you two finish beautys are so cute! My wish to visit finland one day has grown even bigger now - NÄKEMIIN! I love finland, not just because I love HIM, I love the landscape, the mentality of the ppl there and I just don't want to die without being able to say: yes, I jumped naked into finlands snow!
Well, a bit off-topic, sorry XD, lets continue: Kyo, David and me filled our stomaches and headed from Frankfurt main station to our next stop: the Karaoke-bar "Melody". The Location itself was pretty cool, it looked quite porn-like but the service was... well, somehow the service was not present. We had to buy our drinks on the bar and I waited at least 10 minutes for a cola-beer (what's so difficult on mixing cola and beer in a glass together?!). To be honest I haven't felt welcome there, the asian staff looked at us like "Ugggh, so much noise and work!". We had 5 rooms for us but unfortunately my room was just singing "girly" songs like Britney Spears and Backstreet Boys (normally I listen to rockmusic or Party-Songs). At some point I noticed that even my girl has been gone. The other rooms sounded much nicer from the outside but they've been so crowded that I ended up sipping my beer alone at the Bar - my mood was gone. It got better when Mary sat down next to me and we talked a lot. The last 30 Minutes of the evening were great then - thanks to Mary, Jada, Inaia, Jennifer aaand... unnff, I hope I forgot nobody XD.

Kyo and me at the Karaoke-Bar
Our final destination on this night was then the Club "A66" in Frankfurt. On the way I talked to highly talented Gina, check her page, it's amazing ( We came in this club and WE FUCKING ROCKED THE SHIT OUT OF IT! I really had the feeling some "normal" guys who've already been there called their buddys "Hey Dude, come here, here are a lot of REALLY hot halfnaked chicks partying like crazy, you have to see this!". I had a lot of fun dancing with everybody, especially with Kyo and David. But the ultimate highlight was the sexy skills of our ladies at poledancing - wow! Floriane you hot, crazy chick! Move to munich and lets have party every week! I even managed to take finally a Selfie with cute Miku-chan♥. I've spent also a lot of time with Mia (you're a cutiepie!).
Kyo and me ath the club - she's so beautiful ♥
cute Miku and me at the club
the guy who wanted randomly a picture XD
Around 4 in the morning we went to bed, but not very long, cause we had to check out at 11 am. 

Around 12 we were waiting for the other rest (the ones who've survived the night and still were in Frankfurt). When I went to smoke I accidentaly got into the the french/suisse guys at McDonalds at the main station and had the chance to talk a bit more with them before their train left. Then I bumped into Kitai and while we were smoking a Hobo-woman almost stealt her new energy-drink (well, obviously we still has been in Frankfurt). Then we guided the hungry group to the next Thai (were they didn't have baked honey-bananas and somebody forgot to pay an apple-juice and an ice-tea... well, maybe I'll get my 5 Euros sometime from somebody back, thanks anyway!). We've been a very long table of around 20 people and I talked a lot with Jada, Amber and Jojo. It was very pleasant cause everybody was a bit more relaxed (or just tired XD) and the music at the restaurant wasn't so loud.
After the Thai a few already had to leave and the rest sat down at McDonald's. "The iron core" like I'll just call it here consisted of the English Ladies, the Senoritas from Spain and a few germans. We brought a day-brightening new facebook-group into life and I drawed in Ari's "Conhon" - like in the good, old times XD.

copyright owned by Chewiee
All of a sudden everything was over and I sat together with Kyo in my train back home.
borrowed the lipgloss of my gf to comfort my hurting lips...
...felt extremely beautiful afterwards! XD

Well, now I feel kind of empty cause everything is over. I miss everybody and I feel almost angry cause I didn't do so much things. What I will improve till next time:
★ Wear fitting clothes. I took a bit oversized clothes cause I didn't want to be immidiately stamped as girl, that's just not me. Result: I look like 70 kg or more on every photo.
★ DON'T CUT MY HAIR THAT SHORT BEFORE THE MEET! It somehow doesn't fit me, I've to grow my hair now again.
Plan in enough time for doing the hair of my gf AND my hair. To be honest I almost had no time to style my hair. Result: I looked like I've been 12 hours in the storm (and afterwards it rained on me.)
★ Be a bit more like I used to be, just go to people and talk even if I embarrass myself.
★ Ask EVERYBODY for a Selfie (even if I know that the only good-looking person on this pic will not be me XDD) even when it's just the McDonald's-man bringing me hot chocolate!
★ Try to get a bit more photogenic. Maybe with... uhmm... dunno... plastic surgery? XDD Joke. Ideas? Are there... kind of trainings for that? Anybody heard sth to improve?
★ Try to finally buy brand (the thing is, most of the brands I've seen so far are just soooo boring compared to the J-Rock-clothing I'm used to X____x)
★ Give my cigarettes to my girlfriend with the strict instruction to just let me smoke one pack per day.
★ trying to get Marvin ONE TIME punctual to the meet for being on the group-photo!

Nevertheless - I'm more into Gyaruo now than ever and I will try to blog now every week! Stay safe, stay happy, stay tuned!


  1. It was really nice meeting you! If you want to visit Finland my couch is open for you! ^^ Can't promise there is much snow these days though! :'D

  2. Awh it was so lovely to meet you! I had so much fun. Next year we HAVE to take a photo (I was so upset when I scrolled through my album and didn't find you there ;_;)

  3. Awwww it was so nice meeting you two and now I really want you to visit us! We can go skinny dipping in summer instead hharharhar XD Finland is only nice in the summer, winter is super wank 0/5 would not recommend!! <3