Sunday, February 8, 2015

When did I start dressing Gyaruo and why?

Originally I'm from the J-Rock(-Cosplayer) scene. Since 2008 I cosplayed the bass player Reita of the band The Gazette - that's why I'm Playboy Reita (one day you just HAVE a certain reputation X|D). It was a creeping process but someday I was alone with my Gazette Group among Anime-/Manga-Cosplayers at the Cons. No one has taken pictures, none was there to talk about the favorite bands, it was just boring. The week-long effort I always put in my costumes hasn't been worth it anymore. That's why I've made Burial Applicant as finale 2013 - and my cosplay career ended.
Then I focused on Gyaruo. Reasons for this:

My girlfriend is Gyaru and I wanted to be a befitting companion for her.
I admired the Gyaruo because they're all so pretty.
I sank regularly in the men's nuckle's of my girlfriend and studied for hours the great hairstyles.
I think that the clothes are really cool.
I wanted to try something completely different than J-Rock.
It's totally difficult to implement the Gyaruo-style, especially since my girlfriend is really strict and always has an close eye on my Coordinates/hair. Also, my Visual-Kei-roots come through over and over again and so I'll probably never be a Gyaruo that one could safely put in - for example - a magazine.

But to be honest I don't care. For me it's important that I've fun, I like myself on my photos and still look like me.
That's what came out from todays shooting - a bunch of silly pictures X|D. So this was everything from me for this week, next week will be about Valentines Day, look forward to it!

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