Saturday, March 7, 2015

Contouring Make-Up and Cornflower-Lenses Review

Finally here it is! I bought a few new things recently:
I always admired Rina Heaven's yellow Tiger-eyes. I haven't had yellow lenses so far so I bought some to try out. I bought Cornflower PDX-36X yellow and here's the result:
pictures made with daylight
The result is quite disappointing, the blue of my eyes is far much stronger than the yellow and in the mix it gets brownish - how boring!
I also got myself new contouring-make-up because my old one seemed always a bit to red. I bought the following products:
MANHATTAN NATURAL BRONZING POWDER, essence I ♥ NUDE eyeshadow 05 my favorite tauping, MAXFACTOR Eyebrow Pencil GREYBROWN, essence eyebrow designger 04 BLONDE
And here's how it looks:
sorry for looking ugly without make-up (。x//ε//x。)
I'm really satisfied with my new products, especially the nude-eyeshadow wich is almost invisible but works exactly right for contouring (nobody wants to look as if you've got dirt on the sides of your nose X|D). With styled hair everything (new lenses and make-up) looks like that:

I really liked my nails this week ♥

apprentice-photo ftw! X|D

I'm really glad my nosestripe worked so well this time! Ah and don't be confused: I edited my eyes to look a bit more yellow so that the new lenses are not totally useless ;|).
I hope I could help you a bit with choosing the right lenses/make-up! 
The next entry will be about my pescetarian week, so if you're interested I'd be glad to see you again here on the next weekend! Enjoy the first spring-sunlight and stay healthy!