Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Reita having a Date + EOS Bubble Grey Review

Since it's kind of a tradition, me and my girl went to eat Sushi and have fun in the city. Although we're now a couple for almost 3 years, it still makes my heart beat really fast when we're having a Date. I always try to look as good as possible, because in my opinion this is really important for a longlasting and happy relationship (full of desire for each other X|D). You should never feel too safe about that the other one stays with you. So I try to give my best like it would be our first Date. This was my Look - this time more Visual-Kei-ish:
And always when I'm doing a Visual-Kei-Shoot it's hard for me to stay serious. This are the "outtakes" X|D:

The Sushi was so delicious that I ate so much I couldn't walk afterwards (or stand upright, I must've looked like Quasimodo X|D). Here a few Snapshots:
Then we went to Müller (a german drugstore) and H&M:

Mysteriously a few things found somehow their way onto the cash desk *cough*, it kind of just... happened:

And to give this blog-entry at least one purpose to make it useful for the general public, the review of my new lenses:
I wore them the whole day and they're really comfortable + they look so nice! Depending on how the light falls into the eyes they're light-blue or grey - I love them! So this was the entry for the week, thanks for reading, lots of love!

♛Տҽҽ վօմ♛

Oh, I almost forgot: I'm now also on instagram!

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  1. I had so much fun that day, it was so lovely <3
    I feel the same way, every date with you is special
    I love you, Rei ♥
    (And you're so hot omg)