Sunday, March 22, 2015

Remembering the good old times - Reita-Cosplay

This is the latest picture of me as Reita, the bassist of the japanese band thE GazettE. I took it in this years February.

For comparision one of the first pictures as Reita is this from April 2009:
Six years of Reita-Cosplay. I guess I didn't change much, but the times changed. 2009 I couldn't almost breathe because of all the people who were happy to see a Reita-Cosplay. Now, 2015 nobody recognizes it anymore, even the band thE GazettE is mostly a mystery ("Are they kind of - like Vocaloid?", "Ah, this K-Pop-Band, right?"). It's sad that everything developed this way.
Although J-Rock-Cosplay in Germany is dead for about at least 2 years, I still hope that it'll have a revival - some day. Reita-Cosplay will always stay my "main thing", the thing I have the strongest connection to, the guy and the band that gave me so much, that helped me finding my true identity. They're still my heroes and will ever be. Thank you guys for being such an inspiration!

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  1. even though I didn't like GazettE all of my friends listened to it years ago. I didn't know it wasn't so popular now :( I hope it has a revival~!