Monday, April 27, 2015

Sakura-Festival Fürth 2015

Sorry that I made you wait for so long for this post! 

On the 19th of April, there was a big Sakura-Festival in Fürth. I try to attend it every year because it's really beautiful, made with lots of love and you can meet awesome people there.

This year I accompanied my girlfriend, who met with a group of Lolitas, the "Franconian Princesses". To be honest, I was a bit skeptical, if I could have fun. Petticoats, closetchild, Bodyline, Angelic Pretty and Unicorn-handbags are not that much my topic ;|). But it turned out to be a wonderful day! I met a cool guy I was able to talk about writing-stuff (I'm a hobby-author (and no, I'm already beyond the stage of writing fanfiction ;|P)) and even two Ex-Gazette-Cosplayers! I watched a demonstration how to properly put on a Kimono (it was worth 10.000 Euros!!!), a Kendo-Fight and ate very delicious sesame-balls (here is the recipe) and of course I made a lot of pictures! I wore a Reita-Sumire-Inspired Outfit. Sumire itself is nice and easy to cosplay but I don't like the flat hair, so I kind of "pimped" it a bit ;|).
After the festival, we were eating in a japanese restaurant. I had one Ebi-Yakitori and Kamomiso. The Yakitori was delicious but the Kamomiso was disappointing. It tasted just very sweet in a mixture with very salty, which made my tongue burn. The mushrooms were just champignons and the duck was dry. For that price I would've gotten delicious Sushi. My girlfriend had a similar dish with chicken and it tasted just the same. Also the waiter was unfriendly and not amused to have a table full of 20 cackling Lolitas. I would not recommend this restaurant.

I'm also very proud to anounce that I'm since yesterday a VERY proud member of PLUTONIUM, which is a bavarian Gyaru-Circle. The girls asked me in a video-message if I want to be their Gyaruo and I still can't believe it, to be honest X|D.

That's it from now, have a nice time till the next entry!

Sunday, April 12, 2015

Reita gets sexy! Diet started! (big font = english, kleine Schrift = Deutsch)

I am currently trying again to revamp my life. There are a number of reasons: 
1) On the most pictures of me I look too fat. 
2) Most of the cool clothes only look cool, if you don't have wide hips/no paunch.
3) My Civarize jacket is in change at the tailor, because I can't close it round my hip. 
4) I was diagnosed with high blood pressure and my doctor said I should necessarily do sports. 
5) Next to my extremely slim girlfriend I feel like a whale. 
So much to that X|D. So there had to be something that I can diet with without being annoyed. I chose the Noom app. You log in your food, it's saying how much calories it had, how much you still are able to eat and if what you ate was good or bad. After the first few days, I realized where my kilos come: no one needs 3 spoons of sugar in his tea or eat a whole pack of cookies (after lunch!). I realized that I:
1) have eaten too much. 
2) ate too much "bad" things (sugar, sugary food and drinks). 
3) rarely weighed, so I never really knew if I can normally eat or should restrain myself to keep my weight.
 4) have far too little moved.
I do this now strictly (expect to once a week a Lazy Day) since about 3 weeks - so far without success. Since this week I was finally able to move more. Since I don't want to kill me because of my long Sports abstinence, the high blood pressure and smoking lungs, I started with a mix of walking/running and it feels really good! Twice a week, I'm going out now for at least 30 minutes. My body-feeling improved, I bought me this week even a damn tight pants (which I normally always turn away, because due to fat legs).Even if no results are noticeable now, I'll go ahead hopefully. According to the app I have reached my goal (50 kg) in late June - so I'm excited!Do you already have any experience with dieting? What has worked great with you? What sports are you doing? How do you cheat you slim, do you have any tips? 
Ich versuche derzeit mal wieder mein Leben umzukrempeln. Dafür gibts verschiedene Gründe:
1) Ich finde mich auf den meisten Fotos von mir zu fett.
2) Die meisten coolen Klamotten sehen nur auch cool aus, wenn man keine breiten Hüften/keine Wampe hat.
3) Meine Civarize-Jacke ist grad beim ändern weil ich se an der Hüfte nicht zubekommen hab.
4) Bei mir wurde Bluthochdruck diagnostiziert und mein Arzt meinte, ich solle unbedingt zum Ausgleich Sport treiben.
5) Neben meiner extrem schlanken Freundin fühle ich mich wie ein Wal.
So viel dazu X|D. Also musste etwas her, mit dem ich abnehmen kann ohne davon genervt zu sein. Ich entschied mich für die Noom-App. Man loggt sein Essen ein, es wird einem gesagt, wie viel Kalorien das hatte, wie viel man noch essen darf und ob das, was man gegessen hat gut oder schlecht war. Schon nach den ersten Tagen war mir klar, woher meine Kilos stammen: kein Mensch braucht 3 Löffel Zucker in seinen Tee oder frisst eine ganze Packung Cookies (nach dem Mittagessen!). Mir wurde klar, dass ich:
1) Zu viel gegessen habe.
2) Zu viel "Schlechtes" (Zucker, zuckerhaltige Speisen und Getränke) gegessen habe.
3) Mich zu selten gewogen habe, so dass ich nie wirklich wusste, ob ich zuschlagen "darf" oder mich zurückhalten sollte um mein Gewicht zu halten.
4) Mich viel zu wenig bewegt habe.
Ich mach das nun strikt (bis auf einmal die Woche einen Lazy-Day) schon seit gut 3 Wochen - bisher noch ohne Erfolg. Seit dieser Woche hab ich mich auch endlich dazu aufraffen können, mich wieder mehr zu bewegen. Da ich mich wegen meiner langen Sport-Abstinenz, dem Bluthochdruck und der Raucherlunge nicht gleich umbringen möchte, habe ich mit einer Mischung aus Gehen/Laufen angefangen und es tut mir richtig gut! Zweimal die Woche gehts jetzt für mindestens 30 Minuten raus. Vom Körpergefühl her fühle ich mich besser, ich hab mir die Woche sogar eine verdammt enge Hose gekauft (die ich sonst ja immer meide, weil wegen zu fetter Beine).
Auch wenn jetzt noch keine Ergebnisse bemerkbar sind, werde ich hoffnungsvoll weitermachen. Laut der App habe ich Ende Juni mein Ziel, 50 kg erreicht - ich bin gespannt!
Habt ihr bereits irgendwelche Erfahrungen mit Diäten? Was hat bei euch toll gewirkt? Was treibt ihr so für Sport? Wie mogelt ihr euch gerne schlanker, habt ihr da irgendwelche Geheimtipps?

Next week is the Cherry Blossom Festival in Fürth - the blog entry will be about it, but I have no idea what I'll do styling-wise - be excited! 
Nächste Woche ist Kirschblütenfest in Fürth - darüber wird dann auch der Blog-Eintrag sein, ich habe aber noch keine Ahnung, was ich Styling-mäßig mach - lasst euch überraschen!
Տҽҽ վօմ!

Monday, April 6, 2015

VERY old thE GazettE pictures - Song? PV? Magazine? Help!

Since I'm very into thE GazettE again, I looked for some pictures (for cosplay (for example (maybe (*cough*)))). And what I found is so funny! See yourself:

To be honest (and that's a bit a shame) I don't know what outfits these are. From which song? From which magazine? Anyone an idea? Everything I know is, that these pics are dated round 2002 - 2003. If you could help clearing this mystery I would be very thankful! X|D