Monday, April 27, 2015

Sakura-Festival Fürth 2015

Sorry that I made you wait for so long for this post! 

On the 19th of April, there was a big Sakura-Festival in Fürth. I try to attend it every year because it's really beautiful, made with lots of love and you can meet awesome people there.

This year I accompanied my girlfriend, who met with a group of Lolitas, the "Franconian Princesses". To be honest, I was a bit skeptical, if I could have fun. Petticoats, closetchild, Bodyline, Angelic Pretty and Unicorn-handbags are not that much my topic ;|). But it turned out to be a wonderful day! I met a cool guy I was able to talk about writing-stuff (I'm a hobby-author (and no, I'm already beyond the stage of writing fanfiction ;|P)) and even two Ex-Gazette-Cosplayers! I watched a demonstration how to properly put on a Kimono (it was worth 10.000 Euros!!!), a Kendo-Fight and ate very delicious sesame-balls (here is the recipe) and of course I made a lot of pictures! I wore a Reita-Sumire-Inspired Outfit. Sumire itself is nice and easy to cosplay but I don't like the flat hair, so I kind of "pimped" it a bit ;|).
After the festival, we were eating in a japanese restaurant. I had one Ebi-Yakitori and Kamomiso. The Yakitori was delicious but the Kamomiso was disappointing. It tasted just very sweet in a mixture with very salty, which made my tongue burn. The mushrooms were just champignons and the duck was dry. For that price I would've gotten delicious Sushi. My girlfriend had a similar dish with chicken and it tasted just the same. Also the waiter was unfriendly and not amused to have a table full of 20 cackling Lolitas. I would not recommend this restaurant.

I'm also very proud to anounce that I'm since yesterday a VERY proud member of PLUTONIUM, which is a bavarian Gyaru-Circle. The girls asked me in a video-message if I want to be their Gyaruo and I still can't believe it, to be honest X|D.

That's it from now, have a nice time till the next entry!

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