Thursday, May 7, 2015


The last week was horrifying. On Sunday we wanted to celebrate with my best friend in munich and what happens - when I was trying to park in, a car from behind didn't see us and slammed the ass of my car with about 40 - 50 km/h. I just know, that my body just worked somehow, without thoughts, without feelings. I managed everything with the girl which crashed us, but did not call the police and later in the car again I first noticed that my girl somehow was hurt, she claimed to have headache and illness. Although we went to the birthday-celebration, but I still was just working, it felt like some big, white-haired man above controlls me with marionette-strings (this feeling vanished just around wednesday.). From that time, I had barely time to breathe.

✪ Sunday late evening: with my girl in the emergency unit, she had to stay in (concussion, neck-trauma, shoulder-contusion)
✪ Monday morning: visited my doctor, then visited a orthopaedic surgeon - diagnosis whiplash
✪ Monday lunchtime: drove in my village-garage, my car was surveyed by an insurance adjuster
✪ Monday early evening: drove back in hospital, took my girl home with me
✪ Tuesday: talk to my garage-man, the survey report is there - the damage is more than the actual worth of the car, unsure if it's useful to repair and keep my car at all
✪ Wednesday: appointment with the lawyer because of compensation for pain and suffering went good and a phone-cal from my garage-man - it's able to repair and keep my car
✪ Thursday: my brother offered his help for repairing my car (I'm so thankful for that, I can't tell ♥) and my granddad and I screwed off the first parts of the damaged car-ass.
I'm jolly glad that the sky above me is finally getting more friendly from day to day. That crash made me stronger and I learned a lot, which I want to pass down to you (but I honestly hope you'll never need it). Here are my "crash-steps":
1) is somebody injured? If yes, call an ambulance, if no, just call the police (ALWAYS!!!)
2) take on your reflective vest and set up the warning triangle
3) photograph the crash from every angle
4) fill out the european accident report (download-link, print it out and put it in your car!) together with your crash-participant
5) try to stay calm and friendly and keep paying attention on the traffic to stay safe!
My girl and me are feeling better every day and we had blessing in disguise. Most of all this accident showed me, how many ppl worry about me and are there for me to help and I want to thank everybody of you, you were a big help!
Happiness can be found even in the darkest times if one only remembers to turn on the light.”

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