Monday, June 22, 2015

My vacation in Dublin (warning: picture spam!)

I'm really sorry for not posting so long, but here it finally is: the entry about the awesome stay in Dublin from 22. - 27.05.15!

Day 1:
Our plane from Aer Lingus ♥
"The Spire", which we saw every day
You see this dark hole? That's the entrance to Temple Bar, where all the irish Pubs are!
in Temple Bar with hobo sneaking my selfie on the left
some church (Dublin has MANY of it!)
in the Park "St. Stephen's Green"
St. Stephen's Green
some building with awesome door

Day 2:
the Halfpenny Bridge
Dublin Castle
Church in Dublin Castle
Christ Church on the rigth and Dublinia in the back
St. Patrick's Cathedral
Fish and Chips and Starbucks with street-music
fun with a sticker at the hotel

Day 3:
landscape, photographed from the DART (dublinish train)
me on the beach
my gf and a crow on the beach
beach, beach with heart and the irish watergully-cover
awesome birthday-meal!

Day 4:
landscape at Glendalough
old church in Glendalough
VERY old celtic cross in Glendalough
smaller church and rescue-tower in Glendalough
our visit in the Pub ♥

Day 5:
some sitting at the Liffey
some museum
some church

Day 6:
busty statue
in the plane, ready to take off
Well, I must say that I've enjoyed being in Dublin/being in Ireland a lot. The people there are much more friendly and open than in germany. Everything is taken with humor and a smile and you can feel the warmth, the Irish still have in their hearts, even in a big city like Dublin. They're not that keen on keeping to the rules, walk over the street even when it's red and if the bus is full - well, then they conjure another one out of nothing. Everywhere in the city you smell the presence of the ocean and you feel the salty wind in your face. You hear the screams of the seagulls and the music, which is played everywhere. I must admit that I never felt so alive. I never felt so free.
You're not treated as a foreigner, everyone talks to you as if you're an old friend and live as long in Dublin as them. You just HAVE TO love Dublin and the city loves you back by showing you amazing parts of history, cute little Pubs and charming almost decayed houses. Different to Germany, you just here English or Irish, everyone seems to feel as "irish", not as Arabian/Chinese/Korean/whatever.

To be honest it really was hard to say goodbye and fly back to germany. I could live there. I felt so happy in this city like nowhere else, I felt home, I felt easy. So if anyone plans to visit Dublin/Ireland - please take me with you!

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  1. so many beautiful pictures! OFC of you and your girlfriend too *____*