Name: Reita, Rei

Birthday: 24.05.1990

Location: Bavaria

Job: social insurance

Status: in a happy relationship since 03.08.12

Likes: Gyaruo-Style, Host-Style, Pasta, Seafruits, fast Cars/fast Driving, leopard-pattern, Asian Food (esp. Sushi), Greek Food, Barbecue, Cinema, xtreme-Shopping (alone), Boobs and Butts, Cleanliness and Tidiness, washing my Car, Clubbing

Hates: speed-limits, the police, Paprika, lazyness, Love-Movies, too less sleep, Impoliteness, Unpunctuality, not having time for myself (means ALONE, without anybody), being disturbed while sitting on my laptop/drinking/eating/sleeping (srsly just don't talk to me at all XD), crowds, waiting, egoistic people, silly/unintelligent people, rapists

Hobbies: playing guitar/bass, drawing, writing my blog/taking photos for it, writing in general (short-stories, fanfictions, novels)

Biggest Dreams: being good in whatever I start, driving a red Lambo, getting a nose-surgery, having a horse, being able to fly at least one week in a foreign country for holiday, having a Butler

Favourite Colours: Red, Black, Violet, Gold

Watching: BBC Sherlock, Hannibal, The Flash, Game Of Thrones

Favourite Movies: James Bond, The Bourne-Trilogy, The Lord-of-the-Rings-Trilogy, The Hobbit-Trilogy, Harry Potter, Actionmovies

Favourite Drinks: Caipirinha, Jack-Cola, Cola-Beer

Favourite Shots: Tequila, Jägermeister

People I admire: Martin Luther King, Alan Turing, Ellen DeGeneres, Conchita Wurst, Alice Schwarzer, Mahatma Gandhi, my parents

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